March 24, 2012 – Pictures of the Tucson House

Here are some pictures of our house in Tucson.  When we are in the back of our house, it looks like we are the only house in the area.  If you notice on the picture of the front of the house, you will see our neighbors are close.  We like it that way.  You get a sense of community, while having a lot of privacy.   The two pictures of the back yard show our cactus garden and the fire pit and water fall.  The mountain in the background in Mount Lemmon – it is over 9,000 feet.   We also put a picture of the community entrance and the community pool.  

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5 thoughts on “March 24, 2012 – Pictures of the Tucson House

  1. Jean Wood

    Beautiful place Leslie!

  2. Don and Judy

    Hi Don and Leslie,

    First – It is a beautiful sunny day here in S. C. and we miss seeing you and Shakespear walking this morning. We will be out there hitting the sidewalk soon.

    We are loving all the notes and pictures that you are sending. Perhaps some day I can learn how to do this blogging thing.

    With our love, Don and Judy
    P. S. Now, what do I do next – hee hee – hope I get it done right.

  3. Jen Peters

    What an awesome place! Happy retirement!!

    Jen 🙂

  4. Lisa Reid

    Wow~You have truly found an oasis! Still marveling over that spectacular pool and your mountain views! What a neat community!

    I have to say…after digging up what seemed like a thousand dandelion, clover, and chickweeds out in the yard last weekend, the idea of a cactus garden is looking mighty appealing!!! If I could get away with replacing the grass with astroturf, I probably would! 🙂

    Am so enjoying your posts and pics…and thrilled that you’re following your dreams~

    All The Best,

    Lisa Reid

    • Lisa, Good to hear from you. If it makes you feel any better, there are weeds in my cactus garden. I hope you are well.

      Take Care.


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