April 15, 2012 – Thunder and Lightning in Arizona Show

Well we went to our first ever air show and it was pretty neat.  It was at the Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson.  The weather was perfect.  Sunny and 70 degrees.  There were a lot of planes on the ground (and Don knew what most of them were), and the show in the air was great.  There were people parachuting, wing walking, and bi-planes doing all kinds of flips and turns.  All I have to say about these people is they are absolutely crazy!!  They did all kinds of scary things.   We also saw an Osprey do it’s thing – it takes off like a helicopter and then rotates the wings and flies like a plane.  At the end, the Thunderbirds performed (the Air Force version of the Blue Angels).  They were pretty cool.  We were standing near the parking lot (so we could beat the 100,000 people to the car) and it was very funny — when they would fly close to the ground all kinds of car alarms would be set off by the sound.

P.S. I have learned something new.  If you mouse over the pictures, there is a description of the picture.


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One thought on “April 15, 2012 – Thunder and Lightning in Arizona Show

  1. Don and Judy

    VERY INTERESTING Pictures and news – Thanks ……

    We took your mail to the Post Office today and you should have it soon.

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