April 18, 2012 – Mount Lemmon

We finally got a chance to drive up to the top of Mount Lemmon.  It is an amazing drive.  You start at about 2,400 feet above sea level in the Sonoran Desert (first picture) and as you climb the scenery changes (the pictures are in order) until you get to about 7,000 feet and it looks like the mountains in South Carolina.  At the top (9,157 feet) there is snow, a ski resort and unfortunately a lot of burned out trees from a wildfire about 7 years ago.  The change in the environment though is very beautiful.

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One thought on “April 18, 2012 – Mount Lemmon

  1. Don and Judy

    Love all the pictures especially the sunset – might make it my desktop. The owls were so cute and you are right – the Mt. Lemmon does look a lot like our S. C. mountains. Reminds me very much of Cesar’s Head and that area that we saw this past Sunday. Looks like you and Shakespeare haven’t changed much!

    We will be on the lookout for Helen and make sure she gets the garage opener. Did you get the mail that we sent yet? I took it to the Post Office on Tues.

    Take care and keep on enjoying the desert and all the beautiful scenes.

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