June 1st & 2nd, 2012 – Cumberland Gap NHP & Falls, KY, TN & VA

Update from last post – We did make it to Hilton Head and had a great time.  Beryl gave us a lot of rain, but we had some nice weather too.  We spent two days in Cumberland Gap National Historic Park which is in Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky (in the second picture, the ridge in the foreground is where the three states meet).  It is very beautiful place with an amazing variety of trees.   We walked 4 miles on the Wilderness Trail which is the road that Daniel Boone blazed through the Appalachian Mountains (how many of you remember the TV show with Fess Parker?  Are we dating ourselves?)  Hundreds of thousands of people migrated to the west through this trail.  We also went to Cumberland Falls, which is called the “Niagra of the South”.  The picture below shows the falls and since it was sunny we got to see a rainbow.  This is the only place in the Western Hemisphere where a Moonbow forms.  It does it during a full moon.  It was cloudy at 9:30, but at 10:45 I looked out and the moon was shining.  So Don, Shakespeare and I went speeding toward the falls (it takes about 15 minutes on some very curvy roads).  Unfortunately by the time we got there and walked to the falls, the clouds were covering the moon.  Bummer.  We are told that in the same place the rainbow forms, a ghostly, white bow appears.  We can imagine that it is awesome to see because the falls were very cool at night even without the moon.


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2 thoughts on “June 1st & 2nd, 2012 – Cumberland Gap NHP & Falls, KY, TN & VA

  1. Jim H.

    So I assume that the moonbow preceded moonshine in that part of the country 🙂

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