June 13th & 14th – Cincinnati, OH

Well we finally left Kentucky, and are making our way to Cleveland via Cincinnati.  On the way we stopped in Covington, Kentucky to go to the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption (first picture).  It was beautiful and full of stained glass windows.  We stopped for lunch at Camp Washington Chili (featured on the Travel Channel’s 101 Chowdown Countdown) and had some original five-way chili.  It was very good.  For those of you that do not know what that is, it is spaghetti noodles, chili, beans, cheese and onions.  We stopped by the University of Cincinnati for a t-shirt and got a bonus – they were holding a football camp for high schoolers interested in becoming a Bearcat.  It was fun to watch.   Given Don’s passion for markets, we stopped by Findlay Market (fourth picture).  It has been there since 1852 and is very cute.   We camped across the border in Indiana and Leslie got an unexpected treat – the campground was near a riverboat casino.  She did her normal “I’ll play $20 on the slots until I lose it – which is normally 30 minutes.”  After 45 minutes, she was up $11, so she decided to quit and take the money.  The last thing we did was go to a Reds game (last three pictures).   Unfortunately, they beat the Indians pretty bad, but it was a gorgeous day and ball parks that are downtown are always neat.





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One thought on “June 13th & 14th – Cincinnati, OH

  1. Steve

    I saw my first baseball game at Crosley Field. Dad took me and my grandpa Newton to see the Reds play. I don’t remember who they played, but I can still close my eyes and see the sun shining down on that green outfield, the men in their white uniforms and the smell of cigar smoke in the are. Great memory and probably why I love baseball.

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