June 22nd – 29th, 2012 – Cleveland, OH

Well one thing about traveling in a camper, you do not always have good internet access.  We are back on-line now and can post the second week of Cleveland.   We spent a day in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  The park encompasses part of the Cuyahoga River (which means “crooked river” in Mohawk) and part of the Ohio and Erie Canal.  The canal was built between 1825 and 1832 and provided a successful transportation route from Lake Erie to the Ohio River.  They did a great job preserving and restoring the buildings along the route, as well as, some of the locks.  It is the only national park in Ohio, so now we are two states down, 48 to go!  We stopped in Akron for lunch and went to Primo’s.  Don used to go there when he worked in Akron.  They have the best spicy Italian sub.  If you are ever in Akron, you definitely need to go.


We made several trips downtown (mainly to get Leslie fresh cupcakes, but also to see the city).  Cleveland has some great historical buildings and they are also renovating many areas to reinvigorate the downtown.  Don took hundreds of pictures, but we whittled it down to two.  The Hope Memorial Bridge (formerly the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge) is a 5,865 foot long art deco truss bridge crossing the Cuyahoga River.  Pairs of statues titled the “Guardians of Traffic” stand on pylons at each end of the viaduct, symbolizing progress in transportation.   In the background is the Terminal Tower and the Key Tower, the tallest building in both the city of Cleveland and the state of Ohio.


We also stopped by the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist which is a historic Roman Catholic church built in 1852.  The architecture is beautiful and it looks a lot like the churches we saw in Rome.


Leslie got her animal fix when we went to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.  The zoo is quite well done with a lot of indoor exhibits (which was nice because it was hot).  Leslie wanted to take the baby koala home, but alas they would not let her.   We had lunch at one of Michael Simon’s (he’s an Iron Chef) restaurants – Triple B – Burgers, Brats and Beer.   Not a healthy restaurant – as if the burger is not bad enough, they add things like fried bologna, pastrami and gyro meat to them.  They were good though.


On the last day we went to the new Horseshoe Casino with the parents of one of Don’s child hood friends and his Mom (this was the first casino she had been in in her life).  It is a beautiful casino and we helped them because none of us left as winners.



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