July 19th, 2012 – Supreme Court – Washington, DC

Ok, last post for this day we promise.  We went to the Supreme Court at the end of the day.  As you can see, it is covered with scaffolding on the outside, so no pretty pictures of the building.  Court was not is session so there was not much happening, but we had to go visit because the U.S. Supreme Court actually heard Don’s custody case when he was a child.  He was orphaned shortly before his 3rd birthday and his father’s family from Louisiana and his mother’s oldest sister (who lived in Cleveland) both wanted custody.  The case went to the Supreme Courts in Louisiana and Ohio, each of which sided with the person who brought the case, so since the states disagreed, the Supreme Court had to decide.   Those of you that know that Don is a Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns and Ohio State fan know which way the Court decided.

On another note, we hate the traffic in Washington DC.  We took the train into Washington, but our campground was 16 miles from the station.  We had to go 16 miles on I-95, so 20 minutes – right?  How about two hours because of rush hour traffic – and that included getting off of 95 and going on back roads.  It probably would have been four hours if we had stayed on 95 based on what we saw when we got closer to the campground.




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3 thoughts on “July 19th, 2012 – Supreme Court – Washington, DC

  1. Cheli

    I had know idea Don had an early Supreme Court experience. What a cool story!

  2. Jim H.

    It’s hard to imagine Don as a Cajun had the Supreme Court decided the other way.

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