September 18th – 24th – Tucson, AZ

Since you have not heard from us in a while and we had a visit from our daughter Jessica, we thought we would do a quick post.   The first two pictures were taken while Leslie was sleeping, as the sun rises at 5:15 AM.   The flower on the cactus only blooms at night and closes as soon as the sun comes up.  Don was taking pictures of the sunrise (second picture) and got a nice shot of the flower too.  The next picture was actually taken by a friend of Leslie’s brother, but we put it in because we thought it was cool.  The space shuttle Endeavour did a fly over Tucson because of Gabby Gifford and her husband.

Jessica and Leslie had a girls day out for Jessica’s birthday and went to Tombstone, AZ.  It is an awesome place and they had a blast.  The reenactment was good (but a little long) and the history that is preserved there is amazing.  They also got to chat with Doc Holliday, Billy Clanton and Tom McLeary on the street, which was neat.

We also found out that Tucson is a beer town (there are 57 micro breweries).  We went to the first annual Tucson Beer Cup.  Jessica and Don got to sample 13 beers and vote on the best.   Leslie was the DD (which was not a problem as she does not like beer).  Our favorite beer did not win, but we had a great time.





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One thought on “September 18th – 24th – Tucson, AZ

  1. Judy Campbell

    Hi Don and Leslie, Thanks for the posts and the pictures. Loved it all but especially the gorgeous sunrise and flower. I might use the sunrise as my screen picture. Sounds like Jessica had a nice birthday and I am sure the two of you enjoyed her visit. All is going well here – just waiting on the second Laser Surgery to be behind me. Take care….

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