October 11th, 2012 – Out of Africa – Cottonwood, AZ

Who knew there is a wild animal park in the middle of the desert?  We went to the Out of Africa park which is pretty cool.  We took a safari ride and Leslie got to feed a giraffe.  The driver told her to hold the carrot in her mouth and she would get a big kiss.  Yes she did it.  Actually her chin got the kiss, but it was cool.  The giraffe was too quick for a picture, so there is no photographic evidence.  We also got to see the Tiger Splash show which was amazing.  They use the natural instincts of the tiger to hunt inflatable animals which they chase into the water.  It was about a 30 minute show and we learned a lot about tigers – if you are ever in the Sedona area you should definitely go.





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3 thoughts on “October 11th, 2012 – Out of Africa – Cottonwood, AZ

  1. Pauline

    These are grrrr8 pictures. Wish we could see one of Leslie and the giraffe.

  2. Susan

    Glad Leslie got a Birthday Kiss. Love your photos.

  3. Judy Campbell

    You two are acting like ‘overgrown children’ instead of retired people :D….. Love it and I would have loved seeing that giraffe kissing Leslie. Weren’t you the least bit jealous Don? Keep on having fun and letting us know all about it.

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