January 4th, 2013 – Mission San Luis – Tallahassee, FL

Here it is, our 1st blog of 2013.  We are taking the long way home and stopped by Tallahassee, Florida.  We of course went to Florida State University to get Don a t-shirt.  A couple of miles from FSU is the Mission San Luis de Apalachee which was a Spanish Franciscan mission built in 1633.  The mission was part of Spain’s effort to colonize the region, and convert the Timucuan and Apalachee Indians to Christianity.  The mission lasted until 1704, when it was evacuated and destroyed to prevent its use by an approaching British militia consisting of Creek Indians and South Carolinians.

As you can see from the pictures, they have recreated the mission property.  The first picture shows the inside of a house where a Spanish lady who was an aristocrat lived.  As compared to where the Indians lived, she lived very well.   The second picture is the fort that was there to protect the Spanish people and the hundreds of Indians that lived there.  The third picture shows the friary and the last picture is inside the church.  The property is very well maintained and they have people that reenact life as it was in the late 1600s.  If you are into this kind of thing, we would recommend visiting it if you are ever in Tallahassee.

IMG_6881   IMG_6889

  IMG_6903   IMG_6904



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