January 6th, 2013 – Cockrell Butterfly Center – Houston, TX

To give Don a break from our Baton Rouge, LA to San Antonio, TX drive today, we stopped briefly in Houston, TX and went to the Cockrell Butterfly Center, which is part of the Houston Museum of Natural Science.   It opened in 1994, and is housed in a three-story glass building filled with tropical plants and butterflies. The center exhibits a large range of live butterflies, including the migratory monarchs and their tropical cousins.  Below are a few of our butterfly pictures:

IMG_7034   IMG_7039

IMG_7045   IMG_7070

IMG_7081    IMG_7084

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One thought on “January 6th, 2013 – Cockrell Butterfly Center – Houston, TX

  1. Judy Campbell

    BEAUTIFUL!! We have been to several of these (Callaway Gardens in Ga. and St. Louis) and ALWAYS enjoy them. These pictures look just like the one we saw in St. Louis as well as I can remember. Glad you are enjoying your trip and taking your time. I FINALLY got all my Christmas decorations packed away today except for ONE more box. Take care!

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