January 12, 2013 – University of Arizona Gymnastics – Tucson, AZ

We took advantage of living near a university and went to the first home University of Arizona Women’s Gymnastics meet.  It was interesting to see how a meet is conducted.  U of A is number 19 in the country – not too shabby.  Stanford was there too and they are number 6 so we saw some good gymnastics.  Don got some great pictures of them on the beam showing how crazy (or good) these young ladies really are….

IMG_7310   IMG_7312

IMG_7327   IMG_7339

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One thought on “January 12, 2013 – University of Arizona Gymnastics – Tucson, AZ


        This is just what I do every morning so I can loosen up and get through my hectic day of retirement 🙂   Is this child made of rubber?     Leslie and Don, I want to thank you for the gift you have given in my name.  You guys are still so very thoughtful even though you are 1500 miles away!!!  Seriously, thank you for still being such good NEIGHBORS!!! 

        I loved your family Christmas Card.  Leave it to you two for having such a high tech. card. I loved seeing the pictures of your family.  The boys look a little different than they did  8 years ago.  I remember Christopher and Matthew practicing running (barefooted) around Fieldstone.  Matthew was a couple of inches shorter than Christopher and then he went through a growth spurt and grew taller than all of you.  What did you feed that child?  Hope all is well with them and with you.  Have your parents throught anymore about moving west?  Where will your next move be?

        Have fun———–be safe———–and say hi to your family for me.     Sure do miss you     Pauline


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