January 18th, 2013 – Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Farm – Picacho, AZ

Yes, you read the title correctly.  To quote Don, “This was a Leslie trip.”  Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Farm has been voted one of the best roadside attractions in America and it is a lot of fun for $5.   You get two big cups of feed, coins for duck food, and Lorikeet food as part of the entry fee, so Leslie was in heaven.  As you can see she got to feed donkeys, deer, goats, ostriches, ducks and Lorikeets (well sort of, more about that later.)  We went on a very uncrowded day.  That seemed like a good thing, except when you are the only one with food, the animals get a little pushy.  The donkeys were the nicest.   The goats in the hole in the wall were the second nicest.  You can see they have a place where the goats stick their heads through holes and you feed them – they are so nice and polite when they take it from you.  The ostrich on the other hand…you must watch out for them.   You can see the picture of the one that was fussing at Leslie because she was not moving fast enough.   Now for the Lorikeets….here is a hint…NEVER be the only person in a Lorikeet habitat with food.  Leslie was attacked, one on her shoulder, two on her wrist and another fighting to get on her arm.  They knocked the cup out of her hand as you can see from the picture.  Sure, when you go to a crowded place and they are mostly full and there are 50 people in there with food, the birds seem so nice.  The last picture shows one donkey who would smile to get his food.  It was so cute!  Anyway, if you love to feed and pet animals and you are ever in Arizona, you should definitely stop by.

IMG_7544   IMG_7554

IMG_7564   IMG_7579

IMG_7591   IMG_7637

IMG_7642   IMG_7662

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3 thoughts on “January 18th, 2013 – Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Farm – Picacho, AZ


    Love these photos.  The smiling donkey is a favorite of mine.  Plus, I thought the hole in the wall gang was such a great idea!!!!!!!  Where you far from your home?


  2. Judy Campbell

    I am soooooo far behind with my e-mails and replys. Loved seeing this one this morning (Jan. 21st). You two sure know how to have fun. Will catch up with ya soon as I can…. stay tuned to fb and you can see some of what is going on with us. Don is still looking at that book ….. omg!

  3. cjrinsunnyazgmailcom

    I opened one of your emails and found several others I hadn’t seen yet.

    Once again, it always seems like we’re going somewhere else and never have time to stop to see the things right in our neighborhood. I’ll have to schedule a trip just to see the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch, especially now that I know what it’s all about. Isn’t the “Hole in the Wall Gang” the name of Paul Newman’s camp for kids? However, the holes in the wall are just perfect for feeding them animals.

    How’d you get such a close-up pix of the ostrich without getting beaten to death? Your pix make it look like our AZ version of the Cleveland Zoo. You know, the closest place to get my animal-feeding fix. Speaking of that, I hope you didn’t wast your time on going to the Tucson Zoo. Nothing compares to Cleveland’s, but you need a couple to days to see everything. I also liked the Frankfurt, Germany Zoo. You didn’t leave Merlin in the RV did you? I was wondering how he made-out with all the animals (especially the adorable ducks).

    Who would have thought that a donkey could smile. What an adorable pix. Must have made your day!

    Love You,

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