March 12, 2013 – Phoenix Zoo – Phoeniz, AZ

We could not find an Indians game today, so we decided to take in the Phoenix Zoo.  Unfortunately for us, it is Spring Break for the schools here and the zoo is evidently a popular place to take the kids.  Crowds aside, we had a good time seeing the animals.  Don took his close up lens so you can see the animals up close and personal… Burrowing Owl – About 10 inches tall and too cute, Baby Jack Rabbit – To be honest we think he wandered into the exhibit from the desert, Baboon – Serious looking fellow – huh? , Zebra – a baby, only 4 months old, A bird – no idea what kind, but aren’t his feathers pretty in the sun?, Jaguar, Roadrunner and Wild Turkey.

IMG_9008 IMG_9019 IMG_9059 IMG_9090

IMG_9106 IMG_9128

IMG_9010   IMG_8984

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4 thoughts on “March 12, 2013 – Phoenix Zoo – Phoeniz, AZ

  1. Judy Campbell

    You two kids sure know how to have fun! The temp was 69 here today but no fun for me except sleeping in Tim’s chair in the sun room. This Migrane headache, viral infection, pain medicine, the two skin biopseys yesterday and the absessed tooth is getting on my one last nerve. Hopefully will be rid of the tooth tomorrow but will gain a bone graft etc. Keep me in your prayers please.

  2. Steve Kovach

    I think the bird you didn’t know is a stork.

  3. Susan F.

    They are all beautiful but the zebra and jaguar are my favorites. Happy St. Patty’s Day!

  4. Pauline

    Great pictures!!!! Now, when you start looking for a job, you can list professional photographer as one of your professions :-). Are you still loving retirement? Have fun and stay safe!!

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