April 19th, 2013 – Baby Owls Learn to Fly – Oracle, AZ

We had to post these pictures that we got today of the baby owls by our house.  They have hidden in the nest pretty well and now that we can see them, they are learning to fly.  The first picture shows the mother in the nest with them (we took that yesterday).  When we went there today, the mother flew away so we could see the babies very well.  The next picture shows the one that seems ready to fly.  He was walking around the nest and flapping his wings like crazy (see next few pictures).  WARNING on the last picture.  Evidently there was a rat in the nest and while we were there one of the babies picked it up and proceeded to eat it the majority of the time that we were there.   So…it was hard to get a picture of the three babies without the rat, so you might not want to look very closely (if at all) at that picture.

IMG_9830  IMG_9871

IMG_9930  IMG_9926

IMG_9922  IMG_9912

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3 thoughts on “April 19th, 2013 – Baby Owls Learn to Fly – Oracle, AZ

  1. Judy Campbell

    What an interestig life you two live there in Arizona. I keep wanting to write to you Leslie – someday I’ll work it in. Take care.

  2. Steve Kovach

    Great pix of the owls!  Looks lik they’ll be out on their own in the very near future.  Have you checked the bird books to find out what breed of owl they are?   Steve

  3. Susan F.

    I was good until lunch was served. : )

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