April 26th, 2013 – Ettal Abbey and Garmisch-Partkirchen – Bavaria, Germany

From Oberammergau we travelled to the Ettal Abbey, a Benedictine monastery in the village of Ettal.  With a community of more than 50 monks, the abbey is one of the largest Benedictine houses.   It was founded in 1330, by Emperor Ludwig the Bavarian, in fulfilment of an oath, on a site of strategic importance on the primary trade route between Italy and Augsburg.   Like many of the monasteries in Germany, the monks here make beer, so after the tour, Don and his uncle got to try it out.

IMG_0189  IMG_0207

IMG_0196  IMG_0219

Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a mountain resort town that borders Austria, and includes Germany’s highest mountain, the Zugspitze.  Below is a typical rural German train with the Olympic Ski Jumping facility in the background and a valley in the Alps.

IMG_0241  IMG_0234

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3 thoughts on “April 26th, 2013 – Ettal Abbey and Garmisch-Partkirchen – Bavaria, Germany

  1. Judy Campbell

    I would have said YES to the beauty and the valley in he Alps but no to the beer tasting…


    These photos are beautiful and they bring back such memories as this was where David and I lived during our first three years of marriage.  Always thought we would return and raise our family there simply because this is where we started our life together.  THanks for sending the pictures. Have fun———-Oh how I love the German potato salat.


    • Pauline, It was good to hear from you. I had forgotten that you lived in Germany. I will bet that was fun. There is so much to do there and you are so close to other countries. We are going to be in Greenville in July. Right now we plan on coming over to Don and Judy’s on the 8th. Hopefully we can see you. Leslie


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