July 19th – Atlanta, GA

We stopped in Atlanta on the way home to visit a friend of Leslie’s – Cheli (who works at Coca Cola) and our niece Sara (who works at CNN).  Don’s sister, Fran, drove up from Florida so we got to see her too (that is them in the 5th picture).

The Coca Cola Headquarters is very interesting and is kind of what you would expect from a company that is so good at marketing its product.  The first picture shows Cheli in the store.  Leslie wanted to take the polar bear home with her, but alas, they would not let her.  The second picture is part of a huge mural that shows the advertising for Coke products through the year.  It is beautiful and actually brought back a lot of memories.  The history and the art in the building were amazing.

While Leslie was at Coke, Don and Fran went to CNN to have lunch and wait for Sara to get off of work.  Sara wanted to go to the World of Coke (4th picture).  It has changed quite a bit from when we were there 15 years ago,  but we still got to get the free soft drinks at the end.  The 2nd last picture shows the beautiful view from Sara’s condo.

IMG_1360  IMG_1363

IMG_2962  IMG_2998

  IMG_3014  IMG_3007

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2 thoughts on “July 19th – Atlanta, GA

  1. Judy

    Looks like a great time in Atlanta. Don, Wade and I toured these places a few years ago and really enjoyed them very much. We were at the Coke place on the very last day of the former building. They were moving to the new building the next day. I think I want to move in with Sara…. love that night view!

  2. Cheli

    Sara wanted to go to World of Coke? Great choice Sara! 😉
    Was great to see u Leslie–can’t wait until next time!!

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