August 25th, 2013 – Vermilion Cliffs National Monument – White Pockets, AZ

We had to do two posts for the day because we could not reduce the pictures anymore.  The second area we went to was called White Pockets.  That was another hour of four wheeling, but just a bit of walking to get to once we got there.    This area is about 6 miles from the Coyote Buttes.  It is absolutely amazing how different and beautiful the rock formations are in northern Arizona.

The following is a description we found on the internet “The entire area is covered in a gray rocky layer, sometimes only a few centimeters thick, above the red sandstone where the formations heave and drip that makes the entire landscape look as if it was covered with icing sugar.  In some spots the stone layers are completely twisted, just like an enormous marble cake.   The extraordinary geology at White Pocket is not easily explained. Some geologist proclaim that White Pocket is a result of ‘soft sediment deformation’, meaning the contortions and twisting and turning at White Pocket occurred back in Jurassic time while the sand was saturated and before the sand was completely turned into rock.”  However it was formed, it is absolutely beautiful.


IMG_4385  IMG_4393 IMG_4398  IMG_4420 IMG_4430  IMG_4441

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One thought on “August 25th, 2013 – Vermilion Cliffs National Monument – White Pockets, AZ

  1. Judy

    So much to see and enjoy! Beautiful!

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