August 27th, 2013 – Zion National Park, UT

After spending a rainy Monday in Kanab resting from our adventures, we moved 40 miles to the west to spend some time at Zion National Park.  The park is located at the junction of the Colorado Plateau, Great Basin and Mojave Desert regions so it provides a lot of variety including mountains, canyons, buttes, mesas, rivers, slot canyons and natural arches.

We took two hikes today – the Watchman trail and the Weeping Rock trail.  The first four pictures are from Watchman trail.  It was a beautiful hike up to the top of – you guessed it – a butte named the Watchman.  The Weeping Rock was a short hike, but it was very different.  There is a permanent spring that falls over the canyon walls that creates a very lush, rain forest kind of area (5th picture).

You can see that Don is prepared for the upcoming college football season with the Alabama shirt and the Ohio State hat.  He said he cannot decide who is going to be number one, so he wore both (although all of us that know him, know he is going with the hat).  The weather continued to be overcast most of the day, until the sun set at about 8:30.  We were so excited to see the sun we ran out and took a picture right in the campground.

IMG_4522  IMG_4516  IMG_4482  IMG_4478

IMG_4565 IMG_4579

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One thought on “August 27th, 2013 – Zion National Park, UT

  1. Judy

    Why is it that you two can get rested in one day and we have been back from our trip a week and still have not gotten rested. Still feel disoriented as well…..

    Glad you finally got to see the sun… pretty picture too! The buttes, mesa’s etc. are so good on the eyes. I learned a new word on our trip…. Hoodoos! The only hoodoo I had ever know about before then was when I would hear someone say they had been ‘hoodooed 😀 We learned all kind of Geology from our step on guides as well…. now IF I could only remember it all!! The Yellowstone guide was great. Do you know how the Yellowstone Forest produces new trees? So interesting and unreal…..

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