September 2nd, 2013 – Capitol Reef National Park, UT

Today we went to Capitol Reef National Park, so named because of the great white rock formations that resemble the U.S. Capital building and from the sheer cliffs that presented a barrier to early travelers, many of them former seaman who called it a reef.  Mother Nature has picked on this park this year, several of the trails were closed because of rock slides and the scenic drive and more trails were closed because of a flash flood that happened last night (we were told by a native that normally the monsoons are over the first week of August, but they have continued until now which is unheard of).  So we really did not get to see the whole park.

One of our neighbors told us before we left that this was her favorite park and we can see why.  It is absolutely breath-taking and has so many different rock formations.  It also has some cool petroglyphs.  You can see how all the rain has made the Fremont River muddy and fast flowing in the 7th picture.  The 4th picture is of Chimney Rock which Don managed to get a picture of with some “smoke” coming out of it.

IMG_5714  IMG_5620

IMG_5675  IMG_5629

IMG_5636  IMG_5704

IMG_5699  IMG_5645

IMG_5688  IMG_5656

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