October 2nd, 2013 – Pima Canyon – Tucson, AZ

Unfortunately, not for the 1st time in Don’s hiking life, our friends in Washington, DC, messed up his plans.  He was supposed to take a hike on the Esperero Trail out of Sabino Canyon, but it was closed since the Bureau of Land Management is currently furloughed.  So he joined a group of “A” hikers (the best in the Hiking Club) on a hike up Pima Canyon to the Pima Spring.  The combination of his not so good hydration skills, warm temperature, and roughness of the hike, left him almost dehydrated, bruised, scratched and full of thorns.  Now, two days later, he is still very sore.

Pima Canyon is one of the gems of the front range of the Santa Catalina mountains.  The canyon has been occupied by humans since long before a European ever set foot in the New World, as evidenced by the mortar holes ground into bedrock in the canyon which have been dated to around 750 AD.

The hike from the trail-head to the first dam is by far the most popular (3.0 miles – 800′ elevation gain – 1.5 hours), and was built by the AZ Fish and Game service in the 1960’s to help provide water for bighorn sheep and other wildlife in the wilderness area.

The  track to the 2nd dam (an additional 1.2 miles – 1,050′ elevation gain – 1.0 hours) is more challenging, but offers awesome views into the canyon bottom, and back to the west of Tucson and Wasson Peak  in the distance.

The track to Pima Spring (an additional 0.7 miles – 750′ elevation gain – 0.9 hours) continues to ascend with a steeper grade as it winds through this juniper forest and climbs, almost vertically at times.

This was the half way point of Don’s stupid  adventure, since he now had to hike back to the trailhead.  If he had continued to hike he would have reached the Pima Saddle, which would have provided amazing views, including a view of the backside of Mount Kimball and a nice, unobstructed view of Mount Lemmon.

He is already thinking, that maybe he will try again in January or February.  And, he is wondering what we should do if our government continues its deadlock, and the National Parks are still shut down next Thursday, since we are scheduled to be in Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and Yosemite National Parks.

IMG_6180  IMG_6189

IMG_6192  IMG_6193

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3 thoughts on “October 2nd, 2013 – Pima Canyon – Tucson, AZ

  1. Judy

    I am so glad you my dear friend Leslie did not go on this hike. WHEN are our men going to ever learn?? This morning my man did something his ‘boss’ has told him over and over not to do. He sat on a high paint bucket leaning over working on the fountain in the garage floor as it was not ‘spraying’ right. He also does this to pull weeds and grass. Well guess what? He is now laying on the sofa having chest pains and probably spoiling my lunch plans. I go into panic mode when he does ‘stupid’ things because of his heart stent. You guys don’t you know your boss always knows best? That’s because we love you!

    Oh well, neither of them will listen so why am I raving on and on….. I am sooooo happy we did our trip to Yellowstone, Badlands, Mt. Rushmore etc. before this crazy Washington deal (friends??) took place. Also saw where there was a snow storm out there in Rapid City etc. with two feet of snow. Oh how glad I am that we went in August instead of waiting until now – which we ALMOST did.

    So I guess you two are on another trip – and now what do you do since your plans have gone haywire? If it were me I would go home, kiss the floor as I walked in the door and enjoy being there!

    Hope to reply to your last email soon…. Love to you both!

  2. I enjoyed your narrative, Leslie. You may have been a bit harsh calling Don’s efforts, “Don’s Stupid Adventure”, though. (Remember. I saw you walking through the Wal-Mart parking lot talking to yourself.) I applaud his derring do! I can even see a tv movie in there. You already have the title!

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