October 24th, 2013 – Napa and Santa Rosa, CA

Today we decided we would drive to Napa to see what we could see.  On the way there, we took an unexpected detour because we saw the winery that makes one of our favorite wines – Menage a Trois.  We did a tasting of some of their other wines, but did not find one that we liked as well.  Since Costco sells this wine $3 less than the winery, we left empty handed.

We finally made it to Napa and went for a walk around the downtown area.  They had a very cute market that we spent some time in sampling olive oil and chocolate.  We went to one more cheese place Vella Cheese Co.  They are a local artisan cheese maker that makes monterey jack and asiago cheeses.  More samples and more cheese for our collection (four more actually).  We are not quite sure what we are going to do when we get home and we cannot get samples everywhere we go.

Our next stop was Santa Rosa.  We walked around the down town area and did some shopping and managed to find another one of the 21 California missions (pictures 5 – 7).  San Francisco Solano was founded on July 4, 1823 and is the northernmost of the 21 California missions.   The Mexican government was interested in keeping the Russians from coming down any further in California, so in 1826 the Sonoma Barracks (last picture) was built right next to the mission.  It was interesting to look at all of the history.  It was all about what Mexico was doing to keep people out of their country.  It is hard to remember that even though the U.S. had been in existence for 50 years when all this was going on, Mexico still owned California.


IMG_7610  IMG_7617

IMG_7627  IMG_7630

IMG_7638  IMG_7641

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3 thoughts on “October 24th, 2013 – Napa and Santa Rosa, CA

  1. Judy

    Have I told you that Don has a map and he is following where you are. We have never been north of San Francisco other than Muir Woods. Now I think I would have loved the tastings of the Olive Oil and definitely the chocolate! You two can have my share of all the wine tastings. We’re trying to figure out the route you will take home. Do you still plan to go to Yosemite?

  2. Susan F.

    A good friend of mine lives 9 blocks from the Sonoma square and has set a portion of her home up as an AirB&B. So if you ever want to venture outside the traveling roadshow I’ll be happy to share her information with and others. She’s a great cook so I can assure you will have a fabulous breakfast as well. If you have a chance check out Viansa and Trefethen wineries.

    • Susan, Sonoma. What a fabulous place to live (or have a friend live). We did not get a chance to visit the wineries you mention, but we will go back another time. We had such a great time. I hope you are well. Leslie

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