December 18th, 2013 – Siesta Key, FL

We made a brief stop at Siesta Key, FL. today.  There was a sign that said it was the #1 beach in the U.S.  This is according to Dr. Beach – whoever that is.  We can say this much for it –  It is huge, has the whitest sand, and is a beautiful beach. We went shell hunting again and this time we found sand dollars.  It was a challenge to find ones that were not in pieces as there were 100s of sand dollar pieces on this beach.  We walked about a half a mile to a restaurant and ate lunch right on the beach.  Very nice.  The last picture shows an adorable sand “snow” man.  I guess the Floridians want to be sure that they can compete with the Northerners.

We did not stay long because we were trying to get to Clearwater so we could go to the Marine Aquarium there.   Leslie was very excited because she was going to get to see Winter, the dolphin on which the movie Dolphin Tale was based. For those of you that have not seen it, Winter washed up on a beach in Florida with a fishing net wrapped around the back part of her body and she had to have her tail amputated.  She has a prosthetic tail now. We learned a valuable lesson about trusting the little thing that comes up when you Google something and it gives you the hours of operation (and yes Don did tell Leslie to call and check, but she trusted Google).  When we got there, the parking lot did not have many cars and there was a lot of security.  So THEN Leslie called only to find out it was closed because they were filming Dolphin Tale 2.  Leslie felt like Morgan Freeman or Ashley Judd should come out and give her an autograph as a consolation, but clearly they did not.  So, seeing Winter is still on our bucket list.

IMG_8286   IMG_8294



IMG_8297   IMG_8303 IMG_8309   IMG_8310

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One thought on “December 18th, 2013 – Siesta Key, FL

  1. Judy

    Just want to let you know we have read all of your blogs but have been in bed sick and just haven’t been on the computer much to reply. This Blog sounds like one my Don and I would have really enjoyed except like Leslie I would have been very upset and disappointed had I not got to go in to see the Winter thing. Maybe next time…. I’m sure you’ll be that way again before long.

    Speaking of Ashley Judd…. we saw her one time at Ga. We used to attend the Country Music Concerts faithfully. We had just arrived in the parking lot to see her famous Mom and sister Naomi and Wynona perform. We were crossing the road and their big bus pulled in front of us …. this was just before Ashley became famous. She was standing in the front of the bus and waved at me from the window. I took her picture as she waved. We have seen many of the Judd concerts but that was the only time I saw Ashley. Although I have read the book which is very interesting. Also knew the now stepfather of Ashley when I was much younger traveling around with my stepmothers Gospel Group.

    Love that white sand and Sandman. Good pictures Leslie…. thanks.

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