February 23rd – Petroglyph National Monument – Albuquerque, NM

We managed to get a little sight-seeing in between the track meets.  We went to Old Town Albuquerque and went to mass at San Felipe de Neri Church which is one of the oldest standing buildings in the city.  We also managed to get out to Petroglyph National Monument and take a couple of hikes. The monument protects one of the largest petroglyphs sites in North America.  The petroglyphs were carved by Native Americans and Spanish settlers into the volcanic rocks 400 to 700 years ago and there are over 24,000 in the park.   Petroglyphs are more than just “rock art,” picture writing, or an imitation of the natural world. They should not be confused with hieroglyphics, which are symbols used to represent words, nor thought of as ancient Indian graffiti. Petroglyphs are powerful cultural symbols that reflect the complex societies and religions of the surrounding tribes and their placement and orientation to the horizon and surrounding images is significant.

IMG_9454  IMG_9458

IMG_9793  IMG_9783

IMG_9786  IMG_9822

IMG_9828  IMG_9810

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2 thoughts on “February 23rd – Petroglyph National Monument – Albuquerque, NM

  1. Judy

    I love the pictures and all of it sounds very interesting. That picture with the big crack reminds me of our Earthquake here on Valentines Day. I’m sure you’ve heard about it by now. So glad you two get to go and do all this activity and see all the wonderful things that you see. Yours heads have to be so full of knowledge and great memories which is fantastic. Hope you can keep it up for years and years. We look forward to all of your blogs.

  2. Cathleen Kovach

    I would love to go and see this exhibit; perhaps next year as we are kind of booked for this year what with me beginning my new adventure into retail.  I too would love to see this both during the day at at night…your pictures are THE BEST!!!!!!!!  I too will have to settle for pictures as I am certainly not in the league where one can afford to drop thousands for a Chihuly original.   I enjoy your adventures!!!!!  Hugs to you Both…as always…Cathy

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