April 1st, 2014 – Hualapai Canyon – Supai, AZ

We had a sunny day for our hike out (as opposed to the clouds on the way in), so we got to appreciate the beauty of the canyon in a different way.  We started a little before day light to be sure that we would be out before it got too warm.  This, however, ended up not being a concern as it was cool the whole way.   We once again had on all of our clothes for warmth, adding new definition to “dressing in layers.”

The description of the hike is that the first mile and a half is very steep and the next 6.5 miles is fairly level.   Leslie learned that “fairly level” means uphill for 6.5 miles.  For whatever reason, she did not notice that she walked down hill the whole way down.  We still made good time to the base of the big climb out.   We stopped for a snack and then started the climb.  Leslie, due to her desk jockey status for the last three months, had “to take a lot of breaks for Don to take pictures” so we have a lot of pictures of the climb out.  This is ok though because it was so beautiful.


IMG_0707  IMG_0739

IMG_0766  IMG_0772  IMG_0778  IMG_0764

IMG_0815  IMG_0811

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One thought on “April 1st, 2014 – Hualapai Canyon – Supai, AZ

  1. Judy

    WOW! What a hike!! I got tired sitting here in this chair reading about it all. Although it sounds like a WONDERFUL adventure that one would NEVER forget. Where to next? Take care and love to both of you.

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