March 31st, 2014 – Havasu Falls – Supai, AZ

There is nothing like hiking 8 miles in the wind to make you tired enough to get a great night’s sleep.  We woke up energized and ready to see the main target of our trip – Havasu Falls.  It was only two miles to the falls.  Before you get there you go by Upper Navajo and Rock Falls (first two pictures).  As anxious as we were to see Havasu Falls, these falls were so beautiful we spend an hour looking at them and taking pictures.  The pictures, while beautiful, do not do justice to the falls.  In the second picture, you can see all the pools that are formed and the mini falls leading down to the main falls.  In the morning the pools are turquoise, in the afternoon they are emerald green.

The next picture shows Havasu Creek as it winds its way through the canyon on the way to Havasu Falls.  The hike today was just as beautiful as yesterday.  You hear Havasu Falls before you see it.  The sound vibrating off the canyon walls sounded like some kind of machine.  When you get to the overlook (pictures 7 and 8), it is breathtaking.  It is hard to believe that there is such a place in the middle of the desert.  The water is emerald green at the top and it drops 100 feet into a turquoise pool.  The water stays 70 degrees year round.  The next two pictures show the falls from the bottom and the pools that continue down hill toward the next set of falls.  Again, pictures do not really do it justice.  We decided it is one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen.

We continued hiking along the creek for another mile to Mooney Falls (12th picture) but went no further.  To get to the bottom of these falls you have to walk along a cliff, go through two tunnels, repel down a rock, climb down a swinging ladder and then climb down a wood ladder.  We thought “no” to that.  We had seen enough beauty.  The last two pictures were taken on the way out.  This is an absolutely beautiful place and we recommend that if you have a chance to see this, that you do.  You do not have to do the 8 mile hike part – you can take the 5 minute helicopter ride in and out.

IMG_0392  IMG_0344

IMG_0377  IMG_0660

IMG_0560  IMG_0441

IMG_0439  IMG_0647

IMG_0461  IMG_0588

IMG_0527  IMG_0551

IMG_0684  IMG_0571




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One thought on “March 31st, 2014 – Havasu Falls – Supai, AZ

  1. Judy

    OH SO BEAUTIFUL! Don’t suppose we will ever have the pleasure of seeing these gorgeous falls as we can’t hike eight miles any more and my Don DOES NOT do helicopters! But so glad you got to do them and share the pictures with us. Thanks.

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