May 22nd, 2014 – Yosemite National Park (Day 6) – CA

We had to wait two days to get to drive up to Tioga Pass because the rain that we were experiencing in Yosemite Valley was snow up at Tioga Pass.  They opened the road about noon and we went hustling up to see the sites.  Tioga Pass is located at almost 10,000 feet, so there was still a lot of snow up there.  We went by Tenaya lake (second picture) and remembered how our three boys went swimming in the very cold water when we were here in 2002.  We have pictures, but decided not to publish them as they were swimming in their boxers.  The rest of the pictures are from various places along the road – more proof that Yosemite is breath-taking no matter where you are in the park.

IMG_2610  IMG_2632

IMG_2633  IMG_2622

IMG_2653  IMG_2644

IMG_2694  IMG_2707

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2 thoughts on “May 22nd, 2014 – Yosemite National Park (Day 6) – CA

  1. Arlene

    Truly amazing like no where else in the world. Love hearing about your experiences and seeing your wonderful pictures.

  2. Judy

    So beautiful! By now you must know Yosemite by heart. But you two be careful – don’t want the bears to gobble you up.

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