May 25th, 2014 – Sequoia National Park (Day 2) – CA

We went back to the Giant Forest today to see the General Sherman tree (first picture) the largest known living single stem tree on earth by volume (with a height of 275 ft, a diameter of 25 ft. its estimated volume is 52,513 cu ft).  Its estimated age is 2,300–2,700 years.  When we say we went back, we failed to mention that half of California went with us.  Luckily we went early and were able to get a parking space.  We took another walk through the forest and then headed out of the park.  As we left, the parking lots were totally full and there were over 100 cars trying to find a place to park and we passed at least 100 more on the 16 mile drive out.  Never again, will we travel on a holiday weekend.

We got to see more wildlife, but small this time.  The second picture shows an alpine chipmunk and the third picture is a rather shy golden marmot.  Most of the sequoias had fire damage at their base.  Fire is necessary for sequoia seeds to grow and the mature trees are able to withstand fire.  The fire must have been a long time ago, because there was a picture of the General Sherman tree from 1909 that had the same fire scar that is in the picture with Don.  The 7th picture shows the base of a tree (or part of it) that fell a long time ago.  Leslie had to get in it to give it perspective.

The last picture shows part of the windy road we had to drive up.  We took it as we were leaving as a final shot of the park.  We wanted to tell the people who were driving up the road to turn around because there was no where for them to go once they got to the top.  They probably would not have listened.  Oh well, at least the drive is beautiful.


IMG_2906  IMG_2916

IMG_2934  IMG_2913

IMG_2961  IMG_2937

IMG_2984  IMG_2997


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One thought on “May 25th, 2014 – Sequoia National Park (Day 2) – CA

  1. Judy

    I love all of this but especially the pretty white clouds over the mountain in that last picture. Isn’t it strange when you get to these vacation spots how there are just mobs of people? I’ve always thought that – no matter if it is a holiday week end or not. I guess I sit at home and think there is no one in the world but me 🙂

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