June 27th, 2014 – Sea World – San Diego, CA

Another lure for us (or Leslie anyway).  We have been to San Diego several times and not gone to Sea World, so we had to do it this time.  With great organization and planning we managed to see every show (one even twice), see the otters being fed, feed the sea lions and go to all of the exhibits.  Sea World has certainly changed since the last time we were there – a whole lot more rides and some shows that actually do not have animals.  One of them was called Cirque de la Mer and it was a Cirque de Soleil type show that was quite good (last picture).

Some of the pictures are self explanatory.  The second picture is a pilot whale.  In the fourth picture, the sea lion is doing a tango with the trainer.   The sixth picture is an impressive picture of an impressive feat – the sea lion swam with that ball on his nose and then jumped over the pole without dropping it.  Ok, it was impressive to Leslie, maybe no one else.  The 9th picture is another impressive feat – a dog jumping rope with its trainer.   The two pictures of us are with sculptures that are made entirely from trash that was found on the beach.

IMG_3299  IMG_3283

IMG_3321  IMG_3355

IMG_3362  IMG_3348

IMG_3331  IMG_3370

IMG_3365  IMG_3399

IMG_3401  IMG_3413


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One thought on “June 27th, 2014 – Sea World – San Diego, CA

  1. Judy

    I can picture Leslie really enjoying this. Have fun. Our Amanda landed in Vienna, Austria yesterday and will be traveling for three weeks before she comes home to teach her third grade class. Yippee!

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