June 28th, 2014 – San Diego, CA

We started today by going up to La Jolla to see the ocean and the seals.  We have been here before, but always in the spring, and the beaches were covered with seals.  Evidently, they have gone somewhere else for the summer.  We did see a few in the water, but not the hundreds that are normally there.  We did, however, see something we have never seen before and that is a baby seagull (2nd picture), so that kind of counted.

After enjoying the beautiful coast, we were famished and went to Stone Brewing Co. for lunch.  Don got a beer sampler of the four brews that are made on site.  The first one was made of fruit and had spices in it and it tasted nothing like beer, so Leslie actually was able to drink some.  The rest tasted like dirt to her, but Don was impressed with all of them.  Sadly, they did not sell them in the bottle, so we could not take some with us.  The 7th picture shows the rest room which was another first.  The area above the sinks is open so that the men look into the women’s restroom and the women look into the men’s restroom when they are using the sinks (Don was on the men’s side when he took the picture).  There are mirrors on the wall behind the sinks, so when you walk in, you do a double take because you can seen a member of the opposite sex in the mirror if someone is at the sink.  We thought this might not be a good thing for a bar because it could really freak someone out who has had a few, but then we decided that it probably makes for quite the laughs for the staff.

Next we went almost to Mexico and drove up the coast to Coronado Island and visited the famous Hotel del Coronado.  It is one of the few surviving examples of an American architectural genre: the wooden Victorian beach resort. It is the second largest wooden structure in the United States.  When it opened in 1888, it was the largest resort hotel in the world.  It is quite beautiful and right on the beach.  We did not stay long as many parts of it were closed off getting ready for multiple weddings.

We finished the day by going to another MLB park (so we can check it off our bucket list).  We went to Petco Park to see the Padres play the Diamondbacks.  We got free Padres hats when we walked in, which were kind of cute (9th picture).  We also can tell you that Petco Park has the best variety of food and drink of any ball park we have been to (and we have been to 75% of them).  They have 8 local breweries there with their beers and another place that has 40 different craft beers.  They also had a wide variety of stands from local restaurants that served seafood, Mexican , Tri-Tip, Italian, Sushi, Chinese, BBQ – you get the point.  We actually did not make it to our seats until the 3rd inning because we were sampling all the food.



IMG_3453  IMG_3486

IMG_3490   IMG_3492

IMG_3475   IMG_3496

IMG_3499   IMG_3511

IMG_3515   IMG_3523


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One thought on “June 28th, 2014 – San Diego, CA

  1. Judy

    Nothing like viewing the beautiful ocean. My favorite picture is the first one. Funny about the rest rooms.

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