July 5th, 2014 – Lava Beds National Monument (Day 1) – CA

Before leaving Weed, we decided to stop by Mt. Shasta Brewing Co. for lunch and so Don could taste their beer.  They had a very cute delivery truck out front.  On the side of it, it says “A friend in Weed is a Friend Indeed …Try Some Legal Weed”.  We have no idea if this was a special ingredient in the beer, but we do know that Don made a wise decision to not try the 9 beer (4 oz. each) flight before we got on the road.  He did try a few of the beers, and got a lovely picture of Leslie’s face when she tried the beer.  This is her general beer tasting face as she cannot stand beer.  Don liked the beer, so we left with a mixed six-pack.

We drove to the middle of nowhere (yet it has a better signal than Lassen) to go to Lava Beds National Monument.  We arrived late in the afternoon, but had time to go into the park for a little while.   The monument  is located in northeastern California on the northeastern flank of the Medicine Lake Volcano (a shield volcano), with the largest total area covered by a volcano in the Cascade Range.  Lava Beds National Monument has over 700 lava tube caves (more about that tomorrow).  The next to the last picture shows a cinder cone that has a lookout tower on top of it (we could have climbed to the top of it, but as it was almost 100 degrees, we declined).  The last picture shows the Devil’s Homestead lava flow which is an Aa lava flow.   Roughly ninety percent of the lava in the Lava Beds Monument is basaltic.  There are primarily two kinds of basaltic lava flows: pahoehoe and Aa . Pahoehoe is smooth and ropy.  Aa is formed when pahoehoe cools and loses some of its gases.  Aa is rough, sharp, and jagged.


IMG_4156  IMG_4168

IMG_4173  IMG_4184

IMG_4180  IMG_4186

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One thought on “July 5th, 2014 – Lava Beds National Monument (Day 1) – CA

  1. Judy

    Leslie it’s been a very long time since I tasted of beer or any alcohol but that is the way I remember it as well plus it would make my stomach churn 😦 I don’t know how anyone drinks it! Thanks for the lesson on the Lava flows. Now if I can only remember it ……

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