July 7th, 2014 – Rogue River Recreational Area, OR

We are back in the land of a signal again.  We travel a lot and Verizon has an amazing signal throughout the U.S., but we do manage to find places where there is no signal.  Of course, those places are beautiful so it is ok.

We arrived in the afternoon, so only had time to do a few things.  The Rogue River starts near Crater Lake and flows through the Cascade Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.  It flows through a gorge near Prospect, Oregon (first picture) which is where we are camping.  We also took a walk in Prospect State Park to a couple of waterfalls, the second picture is Barr Creek Falls.

While we were checking in, Leslie found a flyer for a historic mill that she had to go to.  The Butte Creek Mill is the last water-powered grist mill, still commercially operating, this side of the Mississippi.  Over 130 years ago, a ship sailed majestically around the horn to Crescent City carrying giant stones, quarried in Paris, France for the purpose of grinding stone into flour. The mill still uses the original French buhr stones that were quarried in France, near Paris, assembled into four-foot diameter stones in Moline, Illinois. The stones were carried over the mountains by wagon to Butte Creek Mill.  We bought a few of their mixes (which we cannot wait to get home to make).

IMG_4458   IMG_4439

IMG_4398   IMG_4395

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One thought on “July 7th, 2014 – Rogue River Recreational Area, OR

  1. Judy

    The waterfall is so pretty and so is the snow scene…. but I wouldn’t want to be in the snow.

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