July 9th &10th, 2014 – Bend, OR

We are in the lovely city of Bend, Oregon.  The people who live here are definitely into outdoor sports and we can see why – it is beautiful here and there are so many recreational areas.  We went several places in the area in our first couple of days here.  The first picture is Tumalo Falls which is a 97-foot waterfall west of Bend.

We drove the Cascades Lakes Scenic Byway which runs for 66 miles and weaves past a number of small natural lakes along the Cascades (thus the name).  The next 6 pictures are from that drive.   The 2nd picture shows Mount Bachelor (9,065 feet), the 3rd and 6th pictures show Broken Top (9,175 feet) and the 4th and 5th pictures show the South Sister (10,358 feet) as seen from Todd and Sparks Lake.  The 7th picture is Devils Lake.  Breath-taking scenery!

We are still in volcano country, so we stopped by the Newberry National Volcanic Monument.  The 8th picture shows Lava Butte which is a cinder cone.  It is part of a system of small cinder cones on the northwest flank of Newberry Volcano, a massive shield volcano which is southeast of Bend.  We went to the top of Lava Butte and had great 360 views of the area.  We got a different perspective of Mount Bachelor and the South Sister (pictures 10 and 11).  That is a close-up of Mount Bachelor in picture nine.

Bend has a lot of award-winning craft breweries, so we had to try some of them while we are here.  We had dinner the first night at Bend Brewing Company which overlooks the Deschutes River.  It is a small brewery, brewing less than 1,000 barrels a year, and all of the beer is brewed on the 2nd floor of the pub.  We took a tour of  Deschutes Brewery.  which  is much bigger, producing over 110,000 barrels a year.  Its products are currently distributed to 26 states.  It is the fifth-largest craft brewery and twelfth-largest overall brewery in the United States.   They distribute some of their beer through Total Wine, so Don has had several of them, but he got to try some that are not as widely distributed.  We left both places with beer, so it must have been good.

IMG_4735  IMG_4752 IMG_4770  IMG_4808IMG_4811  IMG_4835 IMG_4842  IMG_4857 IMG_4866  IMG_4877IMG_4879  IMG_4895


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One thought on “July 9th &10th, 2014 – Bend, OR

  1. Judy

    Love the scenery and the snow on the mountains…. as long as it stays there 🙂

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