July 14th, 2014 – Voodoo Doughnut and Japanese Garden – Portland, OR

We went to a Portland landmark – Voodoo Doughnut this morning (we tried to go last night but there were about 300 people in line).   Voodoo Doughnut is an independent doughnut shop, known for its unusual doughnuts, eclectic decor, and iconic pink boxes featuring the company logo and illustrations of voodoo priests.  They are open 24 hours a day and have some very interesting doughnuts.  Leslie had to try a glazed donut so she could truly compare its doughnuts to other shops, but we also got a maple bacon bar.  For the record, the glazed donut was ok, but the Blue Star Donut that she had last night (which we failed to mention in the last blog) was better.  The maple bacon bar was excellent.  We have to go back and try some more varieties – perhaps the one that has Capn’ Crunch on a vanilla frosted doughnut.

We went to the Portland Japanese Garden which is composed of five distinct garden styles.  As a Japanese garden, the desired effect is to realize a sense of peace, harmony, and tranquility and to experience the feeling of being a part of nature.  After visiting this garden, the Japanese ambassador to the U.S., said “I believe this garden to be the most authentic Japanese garden, including those in Japan.”   This is notable because a traditional Japanese garden normally takes hundreds of years to evolve and mature, but this garden evolved much more quickly—a fusion of hurried western style and stately eastern expression.   The 4th and 5th pictures were taken while Don laid on the path under the tree with Leslie guarding him from people stepping on him.   The lengths he goes to to get a picture.

We ended the day with dinner at Tin Shed Garden Cafe with our friend Sue.   Their web site says “At the Tin Shed Garden Café we believe that energy travels through food: not just caloric, but spiritual energy. Our goal is to give the food a good ride from farm, to grocer, to the Shed and to you.   We pride ourselves on providing only the freshest, most wholesome products. And when you are done, we compost 100% of your left-overs. Because it is not just the destination, but the journey.”  We were told this is a good example of the “Portland experience”.  It was eclectic and the food was good, so if that is what “Portland experience” means, then we are fine with that.

IMG_5104  IMG_5102

IMG_5217  IMG_5223

IMG_5279  IMG_5208

IMG_5256  IMG_5286


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3 thoughts on “July 14th, 2014 – Voodoo Doughnut and Japanese Garden – Portland, OR

  1. Susan

    You look fantastic Leslie and of course the pictures are amazing. In regards to the donuts . . . I’m wondering what the Michelin wellness team would say about those. : ) Good to see life continues to be a blessing for you and Don.

  2. Steve Kovach

     The Japanese Garden is beautiful.  Do they allow fishing for the carp?  I’m sure Don could whip something up using them!   Rain’s still happening here.  I believe we’re up to over three inches now by my rain gauge.  Love it!  Kinda humid though.  But I’ll not complain.   Saw on the news where they were going to bring a busload of 40 illegal kids up to the Boys Banch in Oracle this morning, but they decided not to.  mayber it was all of the protesters who were waiting there.  Instead of bussing them all over the place, they should bus them to the airport and send their butts back.  Mr, O could buy a lot of plane tix to Central America for $3.7 bil.   Enough about that stuff.  Just have fun in the NW.   Steve    

  3. Judy

    The doughnut and the gardens looks beautiful. I am so proud that I have kept my weight down this month so far but that doughnut you’re holding sure does look good. Also we have Don’s birthday coming up in a week so no telling what I’ll be eating before my next weigh in 🙂 By the way we have former neighbors who now live in Portland. Haven’t seen or heard from them in years. Lovely people and it sure would be nice to see them again. Ruff’s were their names.

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