July 16th, 2014 – Portland and Williamette Valley, OR

Today was our foodie day.  Our friend told us that Portland is known for brunch, so today we decided to try it.  We went to Tasty and Sons.  It was family style seating and we were seated at the front of the restaurant, looking out on the street.  We thought it was cute.  We had Moroccon Hash and Polenta with Sausage Ragu.  Both had a fried egg on top – so we guessed that was the breakfast part.  We also had a bacon-wrapped date.  We have tried these at a couple of restaurants and they are delicious —  if you ever get a chance to try one, you should.

We visited two wineries in Willamette Valley which is home to over 300 wineries and is known for its world class pinot wines.  We only visited two wineries, because we left both of them with 2 bottles of wine, so we decided we needed to stop.  We got a tip on a place to buy fresh fish from the lady at the first winery so we high-tailed it back to Portland to get some fish for dinner (which was delicious by the way).  We stopped by Blue Star to get a maple donut so Leslie could compare that donut to Voodoo’s maple doughnut.  Voodoo won this round.   She might have to go back to both to get a tie breaker donut.

photo 6  photo 8

  IMG_5485  IMG_5475

IMG_5492  IMG_5494

IMG_5496  IMG_5499

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2 thoughts on “July 16th, 2014 – Portland and Williamette Valley, OR

  1. Judy

    That bacon wrapped date sure does sound delicious and I probably would have loved the fish as well. I usually end up have dates stuffed with a pecan half and cream cheese during our Christmas time. Our kids love this and so do I. Have you ever had it? If not try it sometime soon. Leslie – you better be careful tasting all those doughnuts 🙂 trying to figure out which one is better.

  2. Judy

    By the way – did you see the picture of my Fresh made Zucchini loaves with blue berries in them on fb this week? They turned out pretty good – at least Pauline was bragging about her’s this morning ;). All this food you two are talking about is making me so hungry. We are getting ready to go out to dinner tonight. And when you are hungry EVERYTHING is good. We are headed for boiled shrimp or fish at the Tadpole.

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