July 17th, 2014 – Oregon Zoo – Portland, OR

We decided to continue to sample different things about Portland and try another thing that it is known for – food carts.  There are over 500 of them.  This decision precluded us from going back to the Gorge due to time, so we checked out the Oregon Zoo (that and Leslie can’t be near a zoo without going.)

We Googled the top food carts in Portland and set out to do a food crawl.  The number one cart  (and impressively the number two restaurant in Portland, which is pretty good for a food cart) is Nong’s Khao Man Gai so we went there first.  We got the Khao Man Gai which is their signature dish.  It is chicken and rice with some really good sauce and it was very good.  Our next stop was Ablya for an outstanding Gyro (2nd picture).  We were full by then, so we went to the zo with plans to go to Tabors to get the Schnitzelwich, which Bon Appetit called the best sandwich in the world.  We had to try this – unfortunately, we did not know they closed at 3:00 so we missed it.  Oh well, next time.  We went to the next one on the list, Viking Soul Food and got a smoked salmon wrap (which was good, but not near as good as the other two).

We feel like we are doing a service and checking out places for you so you can save time if you ever visit the places we visit.  That, or we are just eating and enjoying a lot of good food.  We had to leave the Voodoo vs. Blue Star decision until the next trip – Leslie was too full.

IMG_5504  IMG_5508

IMG_5510  IMG_5529

photo 4  IMG_5512


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One thought on “July 17th, 2014 – Oregon Zoo – Portland, OR

  1. Judy

    I should have put that last post here….. but I thought this one would be all about animals and not food. I know Leslie enjoyed the zoo. I probably would have enjoyed the food more 🙂 You two keep on having fun and keep us posted.

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