July 18th & 19th, 2014 – Oregon Coast (Day 1 & 2), OR

We went to the Oregon coast and are enjoying the 20 degree drop from inland.  We stopped at a food boat in Astoria (which is at the very top of the Oregon coast) called Bowpickers.  We found out the idea was not unique to us and we waited an hour in line to get fish and chips.  It was definitely worth it.  They basically catch the fish in the water behind them throughout the day, and when you order it, they cut up the number of pieces that you order and fry it..  You can’t get much fresher than that.  It was delicious.

As you can see from the next few pictures, the Oregon coast is beautiful. It is dotted with small towns that have quaint and cool shops, great fresh seafood and beautiful scenery.   We met up with our friends Larry and Sharon who are on their own tour of the area and spent a great day and a half with them.

An important stop was the Glass Station, which is in Seaside, to get hand blown fish glasses for Sharon.  She had bought two on a trip 6 years ago, and one had broken, so she was going to get a replacement.  On the way. there was a discussion that maybe she needed to get 3.  Larry was not totally on board with this.  It was closed (which ended up being a good thing).   In keeping with our new mission to scout restaurants and report on them, we went for dinner at Bell Buoy in Seaside. The sea food was right off the boat and delicious.  Over dinner, we discussed the glasses and tried to talk Larry into 5 glasses, so they would have 6.  Then we pushed our luck and decided she needed 8.  More on this later.

The next day, we went on the free Tillamook Cheese Factory tour, got to sample the cheese and left with a lot of great cheese (would have brought more, but we only have so much room in the RV refrigerators.)  The cheese samples got us ready for lunch and we drove to the Blue Heron..  We definitely recommend it if you are ever in Tillamook.  First of all, they have great sandwiches and clam chowder.  Second of all, they have all kinds of samples and everything is delicious.  We left here with enough purchases that we were all concerned about our ability to get everything in the refrigerator.

We stopped at some more cute stores on the way back to the Glass Station.  We had to get there because Larry had decided that Sharon could get 10 glasses if the man would give him a deal.  When we got there, the guy offered him a baker’s dozen, so that is what they got.  So somehow, Sharon when from getting maybe 3 glasses to 13 glasses.   Pretty good deal.  We ended our evening with fresh Dungeness crab cocktails and toasted marshmallows.  We love the Oregon coast!

IMG_5574  IMG_5590

IMG_5584  IMG_5604

IMG_5601  IMG_5596

IMG_5607  IMG_5612

IMG_5627    IMG_5630

  IMG_5640    photo (2)

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2 thoughts on “July 18th & 19th, 2014 – Oregon Coast (Day 1 & 2), OR

  1. Steve Kovach

    A Dungeness Crab Cocktail?  Is it made using a cocktail sauce of some sort?

  2. Judy

    Now this is my kind of shopping – ‘blown fish glasses, fresh fish from the back door, cheese, dungeness crab, clam chowder and roasted marshmallows. Plus the beautiful Oregon coast scenes. Now that is really living ‘the life of Riley!’ I’m jealous 🙂

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