July 21st, 2014 – Oregon Coast (Day 4) – OR

We continued down the Oregon coast as it changed from beautiful rocky seashore to sand dunes.  We spent some time looking at tide pools and watching the ocean.  There are many places where the rocks have been eroded and left holes where the waves come in and out in a very interesting way.  We could have watched that for a very long time.

We also got to see a gray whale who either did not know he was not supposed to be here in July or was in a real hurry to get to Mexico for breeding.  At any rate, we were thrilled that we got to see it.   We took a 2 mile hike in the Oregon Dunes Recreational Area (since it was in the sand we said it was like doing 4 miles).  We needed the exercise after all of the food we have been eating.

We ended the day camping at a casino and played Leslie’s favorite machine for 2 hours.  We should have stopped after an hour when we were up $40, but we did not walk away.  We had fun though.

IMG_5752  IMG_5759

IMG_5763  IMG_5816

IMG_5817  IMG_5828

IMG_5840  IMG_5865

IMG_5858  IMG_5877

IMG_5927  IMG_5881

IMG_5893   IMG_5905

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2 thoughts on “July 21st, 2014 – Oregon Coast (Day 4) – OR

  1. arlene wong

    Pictures are amazing. Fun reading about your adventures. Best, arlene & mark

  2. Judy

    I love seeing the ocean and the rocky seashore….. so peaceful. Beautiful scenes with all the flowers, sand, rocks etc. Thanks…..

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