July 22nd, 2014 – Oregon Coast (Day 5) – OR

For those of you wondering about the cryptic post from yesterday, it was published prematurely.  Unless you chose the link you did not get to see the full account of yesterday – the most exciting of which was we saw a gray whale (which is not supposed to be off the coast of Oregon this time of year, so we were very happy).

Today we did our final day in Oregon, continuing down the Pacific Coast Highway.  We stopped in Bandon and shopped in the cute stores and had a great lunch at Tony’s Crab Shack.  We also had to stop by Cranberry Sweets and Bandon Baking Company – we left with a bag of goodies from each.   We definitely need to find some good hikes in California to counteract this influx of good food.

Below are more pictures of the beautiful coast.  We actually did not get to make some of our stops because in some places it was so foggy you could not even see the ocean.  In other places though the fog made for great pictures.  We had to google to figure out what is shown in the last picture.  We have never seen one before and they were all over one of the beaches where we stopped.  They are velella velella which are cousins of the jellyfish.  The clear part that is standing up was like a handle and felt like soft rubber.  The other part looked like a clam foot when you picked it up and was totally flat.  Very weird, but very cool.

IMG_5939  IMG_5944

IMG_5955  IMG_5952

IMG_5967  IMG_5998

IMG_5992  IMG_6008

IMG_6000  IMG_6006


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One thought on “July 22nd, 2014 – Oregon Coast (Day 5) – OR

  1. Judy

    Love how the fog comes in like that. You two are seeing such interesting things. I admire you both for it. Keep it up! Love the lighthouse too. Reminds me of the Roanoke one.

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