July 26th, 2014 – San Francisco (Day 2) – CA

We decided to go back into San Francisco and do more of the 49-mile scenic drive.  We did not make it very far.  We stopped at the Palace of Fine Arts (1st picture) which is a monumental structure originally constructed for the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition in order to exhibit works of art. One of only a few surviving structures from the Exposition, it is the only one still situated on its original site.  The second picture is also from there.  Leslie was delighted to get to watch hummingbirds.  The picture is a bit of a tribute to technology (or according to Leslie Don’s photography ability) as we were standing about 20 feet from the bush where the hummingbird was.

Our second stop is why we did not go very far on the scenic drive.  We did a food crawl at the Ferry Building (we are going to have to go on a serious diet when we get home).  We started with an appetizer from the Cowgirl Creamery.  They have a cheese wheel that they heat under a heat lamp so it kind of melts and they scrape it off onto great french bread.  Yummy.  We then went to Delica and had a crab croquette, a chicken dumpling and wasabi garlic potato salad.  Our next stop was El Porteno Empanadas Argentinas where we had a delicious mushroom empanada.  Don had some seafood gumbo from San Francisco Fish Company (Leslie was not a fan).  We thought we were through and went out to the farmer’s market.  Who knew there were food places out there?  We had to try a San Francisco smoked salmon sandwich from one of the tents and it was fantastic.  We thought we were finished until we ran into someone making fresh potato chips and we had some Lemon Pepper ones (it was a small bag).  We topped it off with a delicious chocolate chip cookie.  It is a good thing it was crowded, because we had time to rest while we waited in line, so we could eat more.  We list the food and the places for two reasons – one as a recommendation in case anyone ever visits and two to help us remember in case we come back.

All of that food required us to do some serious walking, so we walked around for 2 hours.  Ok, we probably burned off like three bites of what we ate, but do not tell us that.  The walk gave Don a chance to take pictures of his second favorite thing (nature is the first) and that is buildings.  We walked as far as Chinatown (and remember San Francisco has some serious hills)  which is the largest chinatown outside of Asia.  We went to mass at Dolores Mission which is both the oldest original intact Mission in California and the oldest building in San Francisco.  After mass, we realized we were near where Mark Zuckerberg just bought a house for $10 million dollars so we had to check it out.  No stalking, just drove by.  

As we were driving back to the camper, the fog was rolling in and the Golden Gate bridge was barely visible.  Leslie is not really a bridge person and between crossing in the dark last night and in the fog this evening, she has had enough of going over the bridge.   That and the San Francisco Marathon happening tomorrow will keep us on the Marin side of the bay.

IMG_6325  IMG_6317

IMG_6349  IMG_6332

IMG_6369   IMG_6382

IMG_6397  IMG_6361

IMG_6398 IMG_6399

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3 thoughts on “July 26th, 2014 – San Francisco (Day 2) – CA

  1. arlene wong

    Love reading about your SF adventures. The outside farmer’s market preceded the inside of the Ferry Plaza building as a food destination and I use to go down there on weekends from my house up in Noe Valley and pick up great fruits, veggies and flowers. Pretty special place.

  2. Judy

    Oh my goodness…. all this food talk, hill climbs, fog on the Golden Gate Bridge etc. makes me want to be back there so much. It’s a good thing I was not with you or else I am sure I would loose my Life Time Membership to Weight Watchers that I have had now for 8 years. I CANNOT turn down new and exciting foods even if I have to stand in line to try them. I love seafood gumbo too! And that melted cheese running down on the french bread …. ummmmm my mouth is watering!! Seeing all the tall buildings in your pictures makes me remember what Amanda said when we arrived there and she got off the coach. She looked up at all those big buildings and said, “Well, I know where I am going to live some day.!!” Bless her heart… I told her she better marry a rich man.

    Where to next????

  3. jafbonsai@charter.net

    Should have bought some of the Chanterelles.. real good with chicken and pasta

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