July 28th, 2014 – San Francisco (Day 4) – CA

We went to the Point Reyes National Seashore today which is a peninsula that includes wild coastal beaches and headlands, estuaries, and uplands.  It was cool and foggy, which was quite different from the hot, sunny weather we have been having.  This did not stop us from walking along the beach, but it did make it difficult to see the light house.  We were able to see some deer and elephant seals (fifth picture) though.  This is the place to be for wildlife in the spring as the whales are migrating, seals come to the shores to have babies and the several birds nest here.  We have to come back.

In the evening, we took the ferry from where we were camping to the Giants game. This gave Don a chance to take pictures of the skyline which he did for the entire ride.  It was a good game for the Pittsburgh pitcher — he threw his first career shutout.  They did not quite have the food that the San Diego stadium had, but we did have some great pastrami and brisket sliders.  We think that the San Francisco Giants are glad to see us go because they lost every game for the five days we were there.

IMG_6482  IMG_6462

IMG_6491  IMG_6472

IMG_6500  IMG_6532

IMG_6578  IMG_6600IMG_6620  IMG_6581

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One thought on “July 28th, 2014 – San Francisco (Day 4) – CA

  1. Judy

    You guys still on the road? We thought you were back home…. guess not! I don’t care for ballgames (Don does) but I sure would love all that other stuff that you are doing…. walking on the beach, seeing the light houses and eating good food. Sounds great!

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