August 2nd, 2014 – Los Angeles (Day 4) – CA

We started back toward home today and did one last stop.  We went to our first professional soccer game – LA Galaxy vs. Portland Timers.  It was a lot of fun.  Soccer fans are crazy.  We noticed that the stands were really reinforced with steel beams and we saw why once the game started –  there is a lot of stomping.  We both do not totally know the rules, but we enjoyed the game and had a lot of fun.

IMG_6977  IMG_6989

IMG_7027  IMG_7039

IMG_7042  IMG_7056


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2 thoughts on “August 2nd, 2014 – Los Angeles (Day 4) – CA

  1. Judy

    I’ve never been to a soccer game…. sounds interesting and I’m glad you had fun. Did you visit PINKS while you were there? Or Philippes? Here is my remarks about these places from my ‘Paper’…..

    Soon we were back on the coach and going by the World Famous Hot Dog Place “Pinks”. This place is after my heart (and stomach) – most of you know how I love good hot dogs!! I was wishing we could have lunch there. Jane (our local step on guide) told us that you rarely pass this building without the line of people extending down the street and around the corner. It has said “Thank You” to Los Angeles for over 70 years. Shortly after our morning of touring the coach rolled to a stop and we were all off to choose our place to have lunch. Jane was leaving us but meeting a friend at Philippe’s and said we could walk there with her if we wished.

    Philippe’s too is famous with the residents of Los Angeles. It was a two story building with tables filled and many lines leading up to the long counter. The floor was sawdust and the food was good. They had a good variety of food listed on the overhead menus but are most known for the French Dipped (once or twice) Sandwiches. Don and I chose a once dipped Lamb Sandwich which we shared (huge again) and also potato salad, macaroni salad, chips and Lemon Meringue Pie. Today Don, Amanda and I enjoyed our lunch as we sat at the table with two of our coach friends Linda and Erica. Mind you I was keeping my eyes open for Kelvin Costner, George Clooney, Brad Pitt or someone famous to come and sit with us at any time. Guess you know – it never happened!!

    And so you my friends Don and Leslie are headed back toward home. What an interesting 7 weeks you have had and I have enjoyed hearing all about it and seeing the pictures. Thank you for sharing with us. Be careful going home and if anything else interesting pops up before you reach home be sure to let us know.

    • Judy,   I saw your Facebook post.  I am glad that the CT scan did not show anything, but sorry that you still do not know what is wrong with you.  How are you feeling bad?  What were they looking for? (If these questions are not too nosy).   We did not go to the places you mention, but have them on our list for next time. Thank you.   Leslie 


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