October 14th – 16th, 2014 – Las Vegas, NV

We took advantage of how close we live to Las Vegas and went for a few days to celebrate our birthdays.  We  saw our second Cirque de Soliel show – Mystere.  We had front row seats (no pictures were allowed) and it was fantastic.   We enjoyed the sights and had some good food – including a pastrami sandwich from Carnegie’s Deli that was at least 6 inches thick.  We gambled a bit and ultimately broke even (mainly because we spent a day at Red Rock Canyon and we received a credit on our hotel bill because there was a problem with the system when we checked out).  The sixth picture shows the fabulous view from the bar of the Mix restaurant in Mandalay Bay which requires that you take a glass elevator up to the 64th floor (Leslie closed her eyes).  We definitely recommend it if you are ever in Vegas.

IMG_7234  IMG_7257

IMG_7252  IMG_7242

IMG_7249  IMG_7327

IMG_7271  IMG_7281

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2 thoughts on “October 14th – 16th, 2014 – Las Vegas, NV

  1. Judy and Don

    Will try again! Wrote here earlier but I think it disappeared without you receiving it. Sorry! I wish we lived close enough to take advantage of Las Vegas. We don’t play the slots but we love going there. Our Rebekah and Andy were there last week. They were also in Calif. before that. He works for the airlines so they don’t have to pay for plane tickets. They go for the car shows (whatever that means). We have never seen the Cirque de Solei Shows but we have friends who recently celebrated an Anniv. by seeing the show. They loved it too! If we had been with you in that glass elevator Leslie you would have had company in more ways than one. Years ago we rode a much smaller glass elevator in Atlanta and Don closed his eyes and hasn’t been on one since. Sure hope Don’s back is on the mend. By the way – I still have the Shingles (14th wk.) and you would NOT believe what they have done to my back and stomach. I’m slowly getting my strength back but my back gives way with me at times and I have to lie down. Also I still have pain inside and burning and stinging on the outside. But MUCH better. The doctor said he expected me to still have them six months from the last visit. I’m beginning to think he is right. But IF I can manage it we hope to take a short trip to Myrtle Beach soon to see the Christmas Shows. Been inside these 4 walls much too long! You two take care!

  2. Bonnie Dogan

    Thanks, We plan to visit Las Vegas in May for my husband’s birthday. I am looking forward to it.

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