November 29th, 2014 – Omi’s 90th Birthday Celebration – Cleveland, OH

We traveled to the blustery North to celebrate Don’s mom’s 90th birthday.   She looks great doesn’t she?  Don’s sister Fran (last picture) planned a wonderful party and we had a great time. The cake was made by one of Binni’s (Don’s mom) oldest friends.  The flowers look real don’t they?  They are made of frosting.

IMG_7801  IMG_7824

IMG_7856  IMG_7877

IMG_7874  IMG_7863

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5 thoughts on “November 29th, 2014 – Omi’s 90th Birthday Celebration – Cleveland, OH

  1. Larry Marchant

    Your right Don, she looks great. Stay warm and enjoy your family time. Love and prayers Larry & Sharon.

  2. Bonnie Dogan

    What a wonderful celebration !!! your mother celebrates her 90th birthday. She does look good and so you you Leslie. Thanks for sharing I have a lady at our church who will celebrate her 90th in January and oh what a blessing.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Judy

    All of you look wonderful and it looks like a wonderful time was had by all. Binni’s friend did a great job with the cake – it is absolutely beautiful. Tell Binni we wish her the very best during her 90th year. She still looks great! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Linda Patent

    Hi guys, glad to hear from you and that the party went well. Great pictures. All’s well here. Take care & travel safely. Miss you. Bill & Linda

  5. Dawn Hause

    Great pictures! Good looking family. Thanks so much for sharing. We miss you. Safe travels.
    Dawn & Gerry

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