January 19th, 2015 – Yellowstone National Park – WY

Today we went on a longer wildlife tour in Lamar Valley.  It is a prime spot for wildlife in all seasons due to the Lamar River that flows through it.  This river flows into the Yellowstone River, which flows into the Missouri River, which flows into the Mississippi.

We had a two dog day, seeing several wolves and coyotes.  WARNING – there are more circle of life pictures (which are the best places to find these animals), so you might not want to look at the last two pictures.  The wolf in the first picture was the closest we got to a wolf today.  She is a disposed alpha female (which made us sad).  The wolf watcher told us that she was injured two years ago and she removed herself from the pack and lives alone.  One thing you learn on wildlife tours – mother nature can be tough.

We got to see the Lamar Valley pack which has 8 wolves, 4 of which are black.  A pack is actually a male and female wolf and their offspring.  They were the same dots we saw yesterday, but they were closer to the road this time so we could really see them.  There were three young ones that were having a ball playing in the snow. We saw coyotes in two different places and were amazed how different they look (color wise) than the coyotes that live near our house (the last three pictures are of coyotes).

IMG_8948  IMG_8952

IMG_8953  IMG_8990

IMG_9019  IMG_9027

IMG_9029  IMG_9025

IMG_9062  IMG_9077

IMG_9096  IMG_9050

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One thought on “January 19th, 2015 – Yellowstone National Park – WY

  1. Judy

    I was so worried that you would get there and not have snow. Looks like I worried for nothing! The snow all around is just beautiful. I’m enjoying the snow scenes so much. I don’t remember seeing any wolves when we were there but we did see a BIG BISON Family (Mom, Dad and baby) go down the middle of the road right by our coach windows. It was sooo exciting and everyone was jumping up and coming to our side to take pictures out the windows.

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