January 21st, 2015 – Yellowstone National Park – WY

Today we put on all the layers that we had and we went for a three hour walk around the Upper Geyser basin in 3 degree weather.  It did warm up to 10 by the time we were finished and we were actually a bit warm by then – we had both forgotten that you actually can dress for cold weather and enjoy the outdoors.  The view is amazing with all of the steam rising everywhere you look.  It is also cool to see the “ghost trees” which is what they call the trees that are all frosted because of the steam that comes from the geysers (2nd picture).

The loop that we took had 12 geysers and many, many hot spring pools.  To be honest with you we cannot remember which ones are which, but we do know that the 9th picture is Morning Glory pool and the 10th picture is Grotto Geyser (which was very cool because it constantly erupts – small eruptions, but eruptions none the less).

The highlight of the day was seeing Castle Geyser erupt (last 5 pictures).   It was supposed to erupt at 3:00, +/- 45 minutes.  So, we went out there at 2:10.  It erupted at 3:42.  It was well worth the wait though.  It shoots water up in the air for 20 minutes and then shoots steam up in the air for 20 more. The sun was just right during the steam phase and it made a beautiful rainbow.   It actually puts Old Faithful to shame as far as the show is concerned, but it erupts far less often.

IMG_9325  IMG_9327

IMG_9328  IMG_9331

IMG_9345  IMG_9360

IMG_9363  IMG_9358

IMG_9384  IMG_9371

IMG_9390  IMG_9441

IMG_9512  IMG_9557

IMG_9586  IMG_9587

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One thought on “January 21st, 2015 – Yellowstone National Park – WY

  1. Judy

    These pictures are just so awesome! And I bet it was really awesome being out in the dark in that last blog. I remember being at camp out in the woods when I was a teenager and how brightly the stars shined and any light would glare. I wouldn’t even want to get out from under the bed covers if it were 3 degrees! You two are very brave to be out hiking around in it for three hours. The trees are just gorgeous all frosted over and you already know how much I love that geyser spewing all over the place! Like you – I could not keep up with the names of the geysers and eruptions that we were seeing when we were there but I am pretty sure we did NOT get to see Castle. So thank you for showing me the video of it. I loved it! And of course there is nothing like a rainbow, sunsets and sunrises.

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