January 22nd, 2015 – Yellowstone National Park – WY

Today was what Don had been waiting on.  We went on a photographic tour that was led by a professional photographer.  He got to stop and take landscape pictures and spend as much time as he wanted to trying different things with his camera.   The photographer was very nice and totally excited that it was -14 (yes minus 14) when we started out.  She said that the scenery would be beautiful, and it was.  The trees and grasses were totally covered in ice.  We did not make quick stops.  We were out about 30 minutes at most places.  Leslie has no idea how Don’s fingers were operating, as he was not wearing gloves most of the time.  We used the hand warmers for the first time and they worked pretty well.

The first 8 pictures show the landscape pictures he finally got the chance to take (all the other tours only stopped for wildlife).  The next picture shows the bombardier that we described in the post where we went out at night.  We had to get a picture so the description we gave would make more sense.

By lunchtime it was a balmy 5 degrees and we turned into the Madison valley to look for wildlife.  We found a lot of birds including a blue heron who clearly got lost on his way south.  We got to hear the trumpeter swans trumpet and now we know why they got their name.  It is amazing how much they sound like a trumpet.  We also got to see four of them flying and land on the river.  That was a sight to see – they are BIG birds.

We ran into several coyotes.  We got to see one of them hunting.  They go where the bison have already trampled the snow and then hunt for mice or voles.   Don was quite upset that he missed the leap the coyote did to catch a vole (he was sideways to us so it would have been a perfect picture) because he was changing the settings on his camera.  He did get a picture of the prize that the coyote got though.  He had to settle for a leaping picture from the back when the coyote hunted again.

IMG_9648  IMG_9665

IMG_9691  IMG_9635

IMG_9724  IMG_9741

IMG_9761  IMG_9825

IMG_9828  IMG_9844

IMG_9861  IMG_9883

IMG_9886  IMG_9889

IMG_9919  IMG_9951

IMG_9984  IMG_9971

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3 thoughts on “January 22nd, 2015 – Yellowstone National Park – WY

  1. Diane Furmanski

    Great pictures. Looks like you were having a great time!

  2. Judy

    I know Don was in ‘heaven’ being with the Professional Photographer. You know you could give lessons yourself Don. I know how you feel when you miss a shot that you really really wanted…. that has happened to me many times. I love the frosted trees with the lake scene. My Don is in awe of the vehicles that you are traveling around in. He wants me to send this one to Dane. Do you know if you have been to Artist Point? You have covered so much more territory than we did. We didn’t have a lot of time there because we went on to Cody, Badlands, Wall Drug, Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Cheyenne, Denver etc. Another trip that you will never ever forget I’m sure. So exciting!

  3. Carmie Cook

    Don, Your pictures are fabulous! Keep them coming as we are enjoying them so much

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