February 15th, 2015 – Isla Espiritu Santo – Mexico

Don got up to take pictures of the sunrise – which is not unusual for those of you who know us.  What was unusual is Leslie got up and did morning yoga during the sunrise.  Nothing like trying yoga for the first time on a moving boat.  In the middle of our zen state the cruise director came up to tell us there was a humpback whale right by the boat, so we all jumped up to look.  All Leslie could think was “Does Don know about this and is he getting a picture” as he was one floor below.  He did get one (picture 4). We spent the rest of the morning getting fitted for wet suits, masks, fins and learning about kayaking and paddle boarding.  We also got chased by some dolphins (picture 3) right before lunch so that was cool.

Armed with our new knowledge we went off to our adventure (skiffs took us to the island).  Don went on a hike in the desert with the professional photographer that is on our boat.  Leslie went snorkeling from the beach.  Having never worn a wet suit, she did not realize how they work.  She found out quickly when she went in the 65 degree water and the cold water came up inside her wet suit.  The guide explained that body heat heats the water and then you are kept warm.  Leslie was not so sure as it took a while, but eventually she was off snorkeling seeing porcupine fish (look sort of like blow fish), coronets (look sort of like barracudas), and a bunch of other fish she cannot remember the names of.

We had time to walk on the beach before our adventures.  We have never been on a beach with so many shells.  There were huge unbroken shells, and hundreds of mother of pearl shells on the beach.  Since the beach is part of a Mexican national park we had to (sadly) leave them all there.  It did rain today – something that seldom happens this time of year.  Don got soaked on the photography walk, but was rewarded when he got back to the beach with a rainbow.  It actually was a full rainbow from the ocean to the land, but it was so big he could not get it in one picture.  Don got a picture of the sunset, making this the first day in a long time he has gotten both on the same day

IMG_0240  IMG_0219

IMG_0298  IMG_0291

IMG_0350  IMG_0331

IMG_0357  IMG_0356

IMG_0411  IMG_0424

IMG_0429  IMG_0451

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2 thoughts on “February 15th, 2015 – Isla Espiritu Santo – Mexico

  1. Larry Marchant

    Looks like you two are having a great time and some assume photos Don, lov and miss Larry & Sharon

  2. Judy

    WOW – how exciting! And I LOVE that sunset! Leslie you look good even in a wet suit 🙂

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