February 16th, 2015 – Bahia Aqua Verde – Mexico

Today started with more sunrise pictures and more yoga.  The boat stopped at Bahia Aqua Verde.  In the morning we went kayaking.  The water was very smooth and we had a great time.  We kayaked for about two hours and with Don (who was in the back) saying “Left”, “Right”, “Left”, “Two Rights” we made it out of the bay to a rock that has some birds on it and back to the boat without falling over or hitting anything.  There were some close calls, however, because Leslie did not always do the two rights or lefts when he called them out – what can she say she was in a zone going back and forth.  In the afternoon we took a skiff ride and got to see some blue footed boobies, arctic terns, and pelicans.  It is so amazing to see desert go into a beach and then into an ocean.  The picture of the pelicans with the Sonoran Desert mountains in the background is just something you do not see everyday.

IMG_0526  IMG_0553

IMG_0591  IMG_0620

IMG_0622  IMG_0663

IMG_0628  IMG_0655

IMG_0776  IMG_0749

IMG_0791  IMG_0785

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One thought on “February 16th, 2015 – Bahia Aqua Verde – Mexico

  1. Judy

    Don are you saying Leslie doesn’t follow instructions well? I thought she ALWAYS did! Love seeing the pictures and hearing about all of it. Thanks for sharing. Bet you will remember this one for a VERY LONG TIME.

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