February 19th, 2015 – Isla San Francisco – Mexico

We cruised overnight to Half Moon Bay on Isla San Francisco and got to see yet another beautiful sunrise.  We got to spend the day at the beach.  Don took a hike up to a ridge that overlooks both sides of the island (you can see it in the background of the picture of Leslie paddle boarding.)  As you can see, the views from up there are outstanding.  In the afternoon we spent time kayaking together (twice now we have successfully guided a kayak with no major incidents) and then Don kayaked by himself after Leslie tried her hand at paddle boarding.  She did not venture so far as to try to stand up (saving that for the next time) but at least she did not fall off (which was good since there were a lot of jelly fish in the water).

IMG_1497  IMG_1571

IMG_1574  IMG_1582

IMG_1586  IMG_1588

IMG_1592  IMG_1610

IMG_1614  IMG_1644

IMG_1658  IMG_1651

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2 thoughts on “February 19th, 2015 – Isla San Francisco – Mexico

  1. Arlene

    Your pictures do HMB justice. One of our favorite Bay Area places. So glad you both are having these wonderful experiences.

  2. Judy

    I am enjoying these wonderful scenes so much from my computer chair. Thanks again for allowing me to go along with you. It is wonderful that you get to do these trips and all theses ‘amazing’ adventures. I was always pretty courageous (until now) but even when I was a teenager I don’t think I would have done the kayaking and paddle boarding thingie. Your grandchildren are going to have so much to see and hear about you two.

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